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Who we are


Parque Tecnológico de Misiones  - INCUTEMI


Gustavo Actis. Mechanical and Electromechanical Engineer. Postgraduate in Economics at the University of Alcalá de Henares Specialization in Formulation and Evaluation of Social Impact Projects. ECLAC-UN-Chile. Manager of the Incubator. Executive Director of the Misiones Technology Park





Universidad de Medellín - UdeM

Juan Manuel Montes Hincapié.Doctor in Projects of technological innovation in the engineering of product and process of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain). Specialist in High management of the University of Antioquia (Colombia). Chemical Engineer of the University of Antioquia (Colombia). He is currently Professor of the Doctorate in Administration and Leader of the CITIE Research Group (Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) of the University of Medellin (Colombia). He is a Senior Researcher recognized by Colciencias (Colombia) and his lines of research are: Projects of technological innovation in product and process engineering, Management of science, technology and innovation and Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence. It is a member of RELICISET (Latin American research network for competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the tourism company), which is made up of strategic allies from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Colombia.  




Incubadora de la Universidad de Concepción – Incuba-UdeC


 Beatriz Millán Jara,Commercial Engineer from the Universidad del Bío-Bío, Master in Technological Management, Biotechnology. With more than 13 years of experience in industry and social organizations, currently, Executive Director of IncubaUdeC. He specializes in entrepreneurship and innovation, his activities are linked with entrepreneurs and professionals of the ecosystem of innovation and national entrepreneurship. His experience lies in the creation and development of programs to promote and build the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and regional innovation. He leads the Business Incubator of the Universidad de Concepción, and is responsible for the actions of the Incubator and the link with the environment, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to build new innovative projects, for the creation of high potential growth companies that generate social impact and economic.

 Oscar Sánchez Aspe , Commercial Engineer from Universidad del Biobio with a degree in Computer Science and specialization courses in entrepreneurship at Babson College and Boston Landing. He has experience in development, management and support of ventures with technology and innovation integration. Currently, he works as a Project Engineer at IncubaUdeC, the Incubator of high technology projects of the Universidad de Concepción and is a professor of Economics and Social Responsibility in this same house of studies. In addition, it participates in the mentoring programs of ADN Mentores and MentorINN, entities that support innovative entrepreneurs at a national and international level, promoting entrepreneurship, networking and actively supporting the creation of new projects. He specializes in the formulation and evaluation of technological innovation projects.


Centro de Emprendimiento e Innovación - I3lab - ESPOL

Johanna Pelay coordinates relationship initiatives with the productive sector in I3LAB, and has coordinated large logistics and export development chains in transnational companies such as South American Engineering and Services. She is co-founder of Ecuadorian Goods, an export company of Ecuadorian products to the international market in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the USA.

David Chang is coordinator of technology transfer and innovation management at the I3LAB ESPOL Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, with a degree in marketing research from the University of Queensland, a master's degree in administration from the University of New Orleans, and a degree in computer science . His experience in the technology sector includes management positions at Red Hat, Epic Games, Uniquest, among other innovative companies. He is a representative of Startup Nations Ecuador, Global Shaper, and co-founder ArcadeMe, Startup Chile graduate company, Innovate Raleigh, among other acceleration programses

Guido Caicedo is a professor at the Escuela Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as being a professor at the ESPAE Business School. He teaches Human-Machine Interaction and Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation. Guido is the Executive Director and Founder of the I3LAB Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of ESPOL, and an active promoter of entrepreneurship as a way of life. As Director of CEEMP he has organized congresses such as the "III Congress of Young Entrepreneurs of the CAN and Venezuela" and the "RoundTable for Entrepreneurship Education Latin America 2006", which was part of the series of congresses organized annually for Faculties of Engineering, sponsored by Stanford University. He is part of the research team for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, which seeks to analyze entrepreneurial activity in Ecuador. He was founder and consultant of Intranet, a company that was dedicated to training and consulting in the area of networks, security and Internet technologies.


Departamento de Ingeniería de Proyectos y Construcción - UPC

Agata García-Carrillo holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of RamonLlull (URL) in 1994, a Master's degree in Ergonomics from the UPC in 1997 and a Postgraduate degree in Creative Phase in the Innovation of Products and Services from the UPC in 1998. In 2004 she became a Doctor in Sciences at the UPC, within the Doctoral Program of Technical Systems Engineering. She is currently a Researcher at the Department of Project Engineering and Construction at the ETSEIB (UPC) since 2008. Her research interests are focused on innovation management and engineering education. Participates in UPC doctoral programs in Sustainability and Business Administration and Management. He has directed 9 doctoral theses, has participated in national and international projects. He has published more than 100 scientific papers among scientific journals, congresses (national / international), patents and book chapters.

Emilio Hernández Chiva holds a PhD in Geology from the University of Barcelona, a Postdegree in Underground Hydrology from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. . As an associate professor of the EPC Department of the UPC, he created the broadband telecommunication infrastructure project known as Anella Industrial. He has created the first test circuit for connected and autonomous vehicles after reaching an agreement with Cellnextelecom and Octagon. He has participated in the development of the first national electric scooter, SCUTUM, in which he incorporated the IOT technology for the first time on a motorcycle for the management of batteries. He currently acts as a collaborator and adviser to different product technology companies, telecommunications, engineering and software.



Alberto Marroquin.Doctor in Information Technology, he has a master's degree in information technology with a specialization in computer security and computer networks. Graduated as an Electronics Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Networks. Professor in the area of telecommunications and networks at the Galileo University, professor of Digital Networks and Structured Installations. Currently apart from the areas of teaching and research, coordinating the Office of Technology Transfer at Galileo University.


Carlos Aguilar,Graduated in electronic engineering in 2009 at Galileo University, he has a master's degree in information technology with a specialization in computer networks and telecommunications. Teacher in the area of electronics, automation and telecommunications at Galileo University with experience working in the industry of Central America in the area of automation. Currently working in the technology transfer office at Galileo University as a project engineer.


Oscar Rodas,Electronic and Systems Engineer graduated from Francisco Marroquín University. He has a Doctorate in Information Technology from the Galileo University in co-supervision with Telecom SudParis. It has publications recognized by IEEE. He works at Universidad Galileo as Career Director of Electronics Engineering, Director of the Master in Industrial Electronics and teacher. He teaches classes in the area of electronics, computer networks and computer security. Together with his team, he organizes technology events and carries out projects in the area of STEAM education and Technology Transfer at Galileo University.


Centro de Investigación e Innovación Eléctrica, Mecánica y de la Industria - CINEMI

Humberto Rodríguez Del Rosario. Doctor in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama and Electromechanical Engineer from the Technological University of Panama (UTP). Professor and Researcher of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UTP. He is currently the Director of the Manufacturing Center for Technological Innovation (Fab Lab-UTP) and the Specialized Laboratory of Design and Simulation Analysis. He is interested in the applications of Robotics as a service in the agricultural, environmental monitoring and humanitarian tasks areas. His research work includes the study of control techniques for robotic systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles and force control of manipulators in naval applications; the modeling, simulation and control of manufacturing processes and the application of data fusion and learning techniques for condition and health monitoring.

 Sidia B. Moreno R. PhD in Project Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, with more than 15 years of experience as a researcher in projects of national and international impact at the Center for Innovation and Research in Electricity, Mechanics and Industry - CINEMI) and more than 25 years as a pre-graduate and post-graduate teacher. She is coordinator of the Thematic Network GESIT-CYTED (Management of Innovation and Technology in New Entrepreneurship) in which 9 countries of the Ibero-American region participate. She is also the national coordinator of RENGIS (National Network of Social Innovation Managers


Zoila Yadira Guerra de Castillo Industrial Engineering Ph.D. at Iowa State University, United States. Regular Professor for more than 30 years at the Technological University of Panama. Professor of the Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering, dual program with Georgia Tech from 2010 to date. Visiting Professor of the CTL of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2009. Research leader of the Center for Innovation and Research in Logistics and Supply Chain (CIILCA) and member of the CLI Latin America Network, Fulbright Alumni, POMS, CSCMP-Panama Roundtable, II & SE, Red Gesit. International consultant in Logistics and Supply Chain, Optimization, Data Analytics. Project Manager of International Projects with budgets of more than US $ 1M


 Universidad Católica de Santa María 


 Gonzalo Hermilio Davila del Carpiohas as areas of expertise: a) Biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics, having carried out various research works, such as "Influence of coadministration of Gentamicin on the Pharmacokinetics of Ceftriaxone", which won the national prize Hipólito Unánue for the best work of scientific research category professionals in 2005, and whose expansion with clinical application, won a poster award in the III International Congress of Pharmacology and Therapeutics developed in Havana - Cuba in 2007. I have also developed consultancies in the field of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence of drugs and dissolution profiles for the INS CNCCM. I am currently working on the subject of chronopharmacology. b) In the field of natural products, I am working on the extraction of oils and different active ingredients with supercritical fluid technology. 


 José Alfredo Sulla Torres is a university research professor with a PhD in Computer Science, a Master in Systems Engineering, a degree in Systems Engineering, a Bachelor in Systems Engineering and in Educational Sciences, with a Second Major in Software Engineering. He leads basic and applied research projects, with lines of research on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Engineering and Technological Sciences for Health. Member of IEEE and ACM.



  Hermann Enrique Alcazar Rojas es Ph. D. Mechanical Engineering Agosto 2004 - May 2010 West Virginia University – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Morgantown WV, USA Tesis: Durability prediction of structural composites through a continuum damage mechanics approach. GPA: 4.0/4.0 Asesor: Dr. Jacky Prucz Mestre, EngenhariaMecânicaMarzo 2001 - Diciembre 2002 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN, Natal, Brasil Dissertação: AnáliseDinâmica da Resposta de uma Viga InfintaApoiadaPeriodicamente, sob a ação de Cargas em Movimiento a Velocidade Constante. GPA: 4.0/4.0 Asesor: Dr. Joao Bosco da Silva Graduado del Programa de Habilidades Docentes (PAHD) Marzo 2000 - Marzo 2001 Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, México - Universidad Católica de Santa María - UCSM, Arequipa, Perú. GPA: 4.0/4.0 Bachiller en Ciencias, Ingeniería Mecánica Agosto 1981 - Julio 1990 Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP, Lima, Peru. GPA: 2.06/4.0 Tituladocomo Engineer Intern Junio 2010 The State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers of West Virginia - USA. Certificate Number - 9167